PressTV-UK soldiers neglected in ‘lethal’ barracks: MP

A member of the British parliament has harshly criticized the government for neglecting army soldiers in barracks where he says the living conditions are not even fit for animals.

“Animals would not be housed in such dangerous conditions,” said Johnny Mercer on Tuesday while reacting a leaked report in the Sun newspaper which showed that government budget cuts had led to an “unacceptable degradation” of army barracks.

Mercer, a former army officer and a Conservative MP, said the government had clearly neglected the young British soldiers and left them in lethal living conditions in the barracks.

“It is disgraceful how ministers talk up our armed forces at every opportunity, and yet, away from the spotlight, ask our most loyal public servants to endure totally unacceptable and lethal living environments,” he said.

The comments came after the Sun published parts of the Defense Safety Authority (DSA) document it had obtained through…

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