PressTV-UK scheme records surge in far-right activity

The British government has received a significantly high number of complaints regarding the surge in far-right activity in the country as it seeks as part of a program called Prevent to stop people being attracted and recruited by terrorist groups.

Government officials said Thursday that a total of 7,318 people had been referred to the Prevent program over concerns related to extreme right-wing activity over the past twelve months.

They said the figure of direct far-right referrals, a total of 1,312 cases, showed a major increase of 36 percent compared to the previous period in which some 968 cases had been recorded.

The BBC said in a report that there were questions regarding the British government’s determination to tackle far-right extremism as many of those referred to Prevent, more than 40 percent, left the anti-terrorism process without requiring further action.

The findings come amid a surge in far-right sentiments among the UK…

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