PressTV-UK receives first batch of F-35 fighter jets

The UK has received the first four of the 138 F-35 Lightning stealth jets that it’s committed to purchase from the American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

The aircraft flew 3,000 miles from a US Marine Corps base in South Carolina and landed in RAF Marham their new home in Norfolk.

A fifth jet had to return to the US base after facing bad weather. Five more F-35s are expected to arrive at RAF Marham in July.

The base has undergone a £550 million reorganization program to house the new fifth-generation jets, which are worth £92 million apiece.

Once they become operational, the jets will be used by both the UK Royal Air Force and the Navy.

The Royal Navy will perform the first landing trials of the F-35s on the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier this autumn.

“Once combined with our new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales, these extraordinary jets will sit at the heart of our country’s…

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