PressTV-UK police preparing for post-Brexit ‘civil disorder’

British security forces have plans in place to confront widespread rioting and “civil disorder” that could follow if Britain exits the European Union in March of next year without a deal, leaked documents have revealed.

The secret papers were prepared by the National Police Co-ordination Centre in a bid to ensure all forces around the country are ready for Brexit even if London and Brussels fail to reach a withdrawal deal.

The papers predicted that “civil disorder” could be sparked by a possible disruption to supply of medicine. They warned of “widespread protest which could then escalate into disorder”.

It is estimated that Britain could suffer from civil unrest for at least three months before or after the official withdrawal date, which is March 29, 2019.

The plan includes the ‘real possibility’ of calling on military assistance and preventing officers taking leave around the Brexit date.

Despite initial refusal to admit that there…

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