PressTV-UK police no longer trustworthy: Rape victims

Police in the United Kingdom have come under fresh public criticism for its lax controls on recruitment of staff after an officer was found guilty of repeatedly raping teenagers who were seeking his protection.

Weeping and crying, victims and their families told judges at the Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday that they no longer trust the police after it was found that Ian Naude, a pedophile officer working for the Cheshire Constabulary, in  northern England, had sexually abused and filmed his victims when they were seeking his help.

“I keep thinking I didn’t keep my daughter safe enough. Sometimes I break down and cry. I feel I have lost trust in the police,” said one mother, whose young girl had been attacked by Naude.

Another father said he could no longer allow his daughter out of sight after she was abused by the police officer.

“I want to wrap her in cotton wool and never let her out of my sight again. If you can’t trust a…

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