PressTV-‘UK PM May in difficult position over Brexit deal’

British Prime Minister Theresa May is in a very difficult position over the Brexit deal, says an analyst, adding that the United Kingdom needs the European Union’s economy in order to “survive.”

“I think that it is probably a good thing for Britain to have some independence from European Union but economically I believe it is going to [hurt] them and it is not easy to transition especially in business from a 40 year relationship into starting all over. So she is in a very tough position,” Alex Powers, with Veterans Today, told Press TV in an interview on Friday.

“Like I said 50 percent of the population wanted to exit, 48 percent didn’t want to exit so still there is a large percentage of people that didn’t want to leave … So for her it is very complicated … But like I said for Britain, they probably should have some sort of compromise because they do need the EU economy to survive. The British economy is not as strong as it…

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