PressTV-UK PM, Bin Salman discuss confronting Iran

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and British Prime Minister Theresa May have discussed possible ways of confronting Iran and its growing role in the Middle East.

May’s office said Sunday that the two leaders agreed over the phone on the need to tackle what they call “Iranian destabilizing activity” in the region.

“As part of this the Prime Minister noted the importance of cooperation between their two countries to protect Saudi Arabia from ballistic missile attacks,” the statement added.

More than three years after waging a deadly war against the people of its impoverished southern neighbor Yemen, the Riyadh regime has been unable to stop a barrage of ballistic missile attacks by Yemeni army and popular forces that have successfully hit targets deep in their territories.

Outraged by their defeat against Yemen’s domestically developed missiles, Saudi rulers and their Western allies have repeatedly accused Iran of providing…

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