PressTV-UK PM announces new date for Brexit vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will return to parliament in mid-January for a  vote on her European Union withdrawal agreement, more than a week after she sparked a huge controversy by pulling a planned vote.

May told the House of Commons on Monday that parliament will be able to begin a week of debate on the Brexit deal on January 14.

May made the announcement after returning from a trip to Brussels to attend an EU summit where she sought assurances on a controversial clause in the Brexit deal which stipulates how Britain and the EU should avoid setting up a hard border on the island of Ireland after the separation takes place.

The British premier said that the EU had given her government enough assurances that it would be a remote possibility that the EU could trigger the so-called backstop in December 2020 after a two-year transition period for Brexit ends.

However, the opposition Labour Party rejected May’s…

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