PressTV-UK Parliament seizes sensitive Facebook documents

The British Parliament have managed to gain access to some sensitive documents from Facebook that could shed more light into a major privacy breach which surfaced in early 2018 and showed how the US social media company had misused personal data of tens of millions of users.

The Observer newspaper said in a report on Sunday that the documents had been seized recently from an executive of Six4Three, an US tech firm involved in a legal action against Facebook, while he was on a trip to London.

A committee of the House of Commons investigating the co-called Cambridge Analytica data scandal ordered the seizure of the documents, said the report.

It said the American businessman was escorted from his hotel in London to the parliament after he initially rejected an order through a sergeant at arms to hand over the documents. The executive had obtained the documents legally in the US as part of court action against Facebook.

Sources said the…

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