PressTV-UK opp. parties table vote of no-confidence in May govt.

The UK’s minor opposition parties have tabled a vote of no-confidence in the government of Prime Minister Theresa May as the country could be leaving the European Union without an agreement.

On Monday, May announced that a vote on her Brexit deal would not take place until after Christmas, more than a week after she had sparked a huge controversy by pulling a planned vote.

She told the House of Commons that parliament would be able to begin a week of debate on the Brexit deal on January 14.

The SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Greens met on Tuesday and decided to table a vote of no-confidence, saying it was essential to debate the vote on May’ deal before the Christmas recess begins.

“By tabling our motion on Tuesday evening, we hope to be afforded time by the UK government to debate it before parliament closes for the Christmas recess,” said SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP after meeting with Liberal Democrat…

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