PressTV-UK MPs press for vote of no confidence in Theresa May

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party has gathered enough signatures to go ahead with a no confidence vote against UK Prime Minister Theresa May over her draft Brexit deal with the European Union.

Four more Conservative lawmakers in Parliament submitted letters expressing no confidence in May’s leadership on Friday, as members of her own party plotted to unseat her.

According to British media, the party has received letters from the required 48 Tory lawmakers.

May’s statement to Parliament on Thursday to explain the terms of the divorce deal with the EU was met with a torrent of opposition.

Members of Parliament (MPs) from all parties lined up to say they would reject it, but the attacks on her own side were particularly brutal.

One Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen, directly asked her to resign.

May conceded that Brexit required “difficult choices” but insisted the deal she had agreed after months of negotiations was in “the national…

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