PressTV-UK military needs more money to work with US, NATO

British lawmakers have warned the Prime Minister Theresa May the country’s armed forces need more money to maintain “interoperability” with the US and other members of the NATO military alliance.

The House of Commons defense committee repeated its calls to raise military spending from the minimum NATO requirement of two percent to at least three percent of the GDP – around £60bn a year.

“Diminished capacity reduces the UK’s usefulness to the US and our influence within NATO. The government must not allow this to happen,” said the committee.

The MPs then referred to recent remarks by the US defense secretary James Mattis that the UK raked in £3 billion a year from its military ties with Washington and said London needed to spend more in order to save this profitable relationship.

That would be possible “only while the UK military retains both the capacity and capability to maintain interoperability with the US military and to…

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