PressTV-UK landlords offering free rooms in return for sex

Landlords in the UK are offering young women rooms free of rent in return for sex, a trend that has been growing amid record-high homelessness in Britain.

Renting rooms for sexual favors is seen as a growing risk by homeless charities and campaigners, and a consequence of a housing crisis where young people are unable to find somewhere affordable to live.

The Ministry of Justice says offering accommodation in exchange for sex is illegal and even placing an advert is breaking the law and could result in a seven year jail term.

The problem has become particularly marked in university towns, where young women are targeted by rogue landlords.

Two landlords in Bristol were filmed by hidden cameras in September offering free rent in return for sex, in a sting aimed at exposing the dangers faced by female tenants.

UK Justice Secretary David Lidington last year said such offers may breach the Sexual Offences Act, but there is frustration that…

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