PressTV-UK lacks clarity in Brexit talks: Merkel

German chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed United Kingdom’s lack of clarity in talks for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, saying British authorities do not really show what they are seeking as an outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Merkel said Tuesday that success in ongoing Brexit talks will depend “largely on what it is Britain really wants, and on this the discussion has still not been entirely clear”.

The German leader told a business conference in Berlin that a deal on Brexit could only come within the next six to eight weeks, adding, however, that Britain had still not expressed a clear position on how its relations with the EU would be after it leaves the bloc in March next year.

The remarks come just days after EU leaders called on Britain to rework its key proposals for a divorce agreement. That position, which was taken during an informal EU summit in Austria, further undermined British Prime Minister…

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