PressTV-‘UK Labour seeks an end to Israeli expansionism’

The UK Labour Party’s recent move to boycott any British arms sale to Israel was meant to stop the regime’s illegal expansion into occupied Palestinian territories, a political analyst in London says.

“This is a historic move, as a result of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement which is aimed at stopping the Zionist expansion into other lands, at last a major UK political party, the labor party has agreed to stop supplying arms to Israel,” Rodney Shakespeare, an author and academic from London, said in a phone interview with the Press TV on Wednesday.

Shakespeare said the significance of the Labour Part’s new move was much greater than the mere ban on supplying of arms because Israel receives the bulk of its weapons from the United States.

He said Labour, which is expected to form the next UK government, clearly “realizes that Israel has no intention at all of going for a two-state solution” to the…

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