PressTV- ‘UK Labour rebels can determine Brexit deal’s approval’

The rebels in Britain’s opposition Labour Party are Prime Minister Theresa May’s only hope for approving a deal in Parliament on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, a political analyst in London says.

“Given how divided the Conservatives are on this issue and given that the liberals and the Scottish nationalists won’t go any kind of agreement of this nature down, the only way that this agreement could go through is these so-called Labour rebels,” Adam Garrie, a writer and commentator based in London, told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.

Garrie said, however, that if some Labour lawmakers decide to back May’s controversial Brexit strategy, that would pit them against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who himself has a good chance of replacing May and forming a government.

“That would effectively end a lot of people’s careers in the Labour Party as at the moment when it seems increasingly likely that Jeremy…

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