PressTV-UK Labour Party votes for arms ban on Israel

In a historic move, Britain’s opposition Labour Party has called for a total ban on all UK arms sales to Israel.

The demand for an arms embargo was announced following a discussion on Palestine held at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool on Tuesday.

More than 180 Palestinian protesters have been killed in Gaza since March 30th while Israel remains the UK’s eighth largest market for UK arms companies.

Speaking earlier during the conference, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, said London must ensure that Israel does not use British weapons to “attack innocent Palestinian civilians”.

The remarks could be viewed as strong words that many hope will translate into more regulations and fewer licenses for UK arms sales to the likes of Israel.

However, Kamel Hawwash, a British-Palestinian engineering professor and a longstanding campaigner for justice, is skeptical about it, saying such a situation would be highly…

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