PressTV-UK Labour leader rejects second Brexit vote

Leader of Britain’s main opposition party Labour Party has rejected the idea of a second vote on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, saying Labour would go ahead with Brexit if it wins a potential snap election meant to end the current political uncertainty.

Corbyn said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper on Saturday that the Labour would prefer to respect the choice of the British people who voted for leaving the EU in a referendum in June 2016.

The 69-year-old Socialist, who faces divides in his party over Brexit, said the best option for a Labour government, if elected to power in early elections, would be to return to Brussels and seek a renegotiation of Brexit deal signed by current Conservative-led government.

“You’d have to go back and negotiate, and see what the timetable would be,” said Corbyn, making a reference to the current schedule for Britain’s exit from the EU, which is March 29,…

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