PressTV-UK Labour clears way for new Brexit vote

In a surprising U-turn, the UK Labour Party has announced that it is open to the idea of holding a second Brexit referendum if the parliament sees it necessary.

Speaking to BBC on Wednesday Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said his party preferred to keep “all options” on the table in case the Members of Parliament (MPs) decided to vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the European Union (EU) to finalize the country’s divorce from the bloc.

In June 2016 over half of British voters opted for leaving the EU, triggering a political storm that saw then PM David Cameron stand down and hand over the position to May, his pro-EU home secretary.

After weeks of clashes over the legalities of the exit given Scotland and Ireland’s opposition to Brexit, May was finally able to get the MPs to support her Brexit plan, allowing her to trigger the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

“If that vote is to reject the Article 50 deal…

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