PressTV-UK Islamophobe escapes terror charges

Prosecutors in Britain have decided to downplay threats posed by a senior Islamophobic figure who touted attacks against Muslims and immigrants, saying evidence against the man, who allegedly built explosive devices in his home for a planned attack on Muslims, was “insufficient” to charge him with terror-related offences.

The Independent newspaper said in a report on its website on Tuesday that Matthew Glynn, 37, had not been charged with terror offences because the prosecution did not allege that Glynn was planning to use the homemade bombs in an attack.

However, there has been sufficient evidence from Glynn’s activity online suggesting that he was in fact planning a fatal attack on Muslims, especially in Bristol, where he lives.

The independent said Glynn’s Facebook posts had indicated anti-Muslim and extreme right-wing views while he shared numerous videos from the anti-Islam Britain First, an extremist group which is now banned…

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