PressTV-‘UK hospitals making huge money from car parking’

A new report shows hospitals in Britain make hundreds of millions of pounds each year only by charging medical staff and visitors for parking their cars in their facilities.  

The Press Association published results of a study on Thursday that showed more than 40 percent of hospitals run by the National Health Service (NHS), UK’s flagship medical organization, increased charges for car parking in the past year.

The report said medical staff and visitors to hospitals paid a whopping sum of £226 million, including penalty fines, for parking their cars at facilities owned by NHS trusts in 2017-18.

The research showed that more than half of the trusts responding to PA requests for clarification had doubled the prices for car parking over the past months.

Car parking charges at hospitals has become a thorny political issue for the current Conservative-led government.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly criticized…

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