PressTV-‘UK has high poverty levels despite huge wealth’

Despite the United Kingdom being one of the wealthiest countries in the worked, it has unbelievably high levels of poverty among its people, an expert says

“Britain has a remarkably high level of poverty … 14 million people are living in poverty and four million children are below the bread line,” said Marcus Papadopoulos, a British publisher and editor at the Politics First website on Wednesday.

The expert told Press TV that such high levels of poverty created an “absolutely intolerable situation” in Britain given the country’s huge wealth.

Papadopoulos said much of the poverty in British society was related to the “brutal and inhuman austerity measures” introduced in 2010 by the coalition government of the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

He said despite the fact that everyone agreed at the time that spending cuts were needed, the coalition government implemented them “savagely.”

“Everyone accepted the cuts at…

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