PressTV-UK government issues advice for ‘no-deal’ Brexit

The government in the United Kingdom has published a series of notes advising people and businesses how to protect themselves from the potential disruption of a ‘no deal’ exit from the European Union.

The documents released Thursday are the first in a series of 80 technical notices that are expected over the coming weeks and would include various recommendations from stockpiling drugs to new paperwork for trade.

The notes issued Thursday showed that companies trading with Europe would face new paperwork for customs and safety in case Britain fails to reach a deal with the EU on how it would leave the bloc by March.

Businesses will also be required to apply customs and tax rules for goods traded with the EU in a system that is similar to current mechanism for moving goods between Britain and countries outside the EU. The companies will also have to pay Value Added Tax in advance, the government’s guidance said.

 Brexit minister…

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