PressTV-UK court charges mom with murdering twins

A British mother has been charged by a court in southern England of murdering her twins during Christmas holidays.

The Canterbury Magistrates’ Court, in Kent, on Saturday heard charges against Samantha Ford who had allegedly killed Jake and Chloe Ford, her twins, on Boxing Day.

The mother was arrested on Thursday, 27 December, after the twins were found dead at a home in Margate in the early hours of the morning.

Before she was arrested, the mother had been involved in a car crash and taken to hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. Police then visited Ford’s home in Kent out of concern for its occupants only to find the children. The twins were pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The magistrate court decided to remand the mother, who was present during the hearing, in custody until Monday when she will appear at Maidstone Crown Court.

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