PressTV-‘UK councils try to get rid of rough-sleepers’

A new report shows that city councils in Britain try to get rid of the homeless and rough-sleepers by giving them single tickets.

The Guardian newspaper said Saturday that thousands of rough sleepers and homeless people had been given one-way train, bus and flight tickets by UK councils in the last four years.

The report said the destinations chosen for the homeless people by the councils showed they were seeking to have them leave areas and sometimes even leave the country.

Some campaigners and MPs have criticized the councils for their “reconnection policies” in which they allegedly seek to encourage rough-sleepers to voluntarily return to areas where they have family and support networks.

They say the policy is a form of “street cleansing” by the councils as they struggle to reduce homelessness and rough-sleeping rates in their areas.

Rough-sleepers have also challenged councils’ notion that the tickets are voluntarily…

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