PressTV-UK butcher helps poor strained by new welfare policy

A local butcher in West Yorkshire, in northern England, has offered the poor in the area some food and other basic stuff needed for Christmas as a lack of government support continues to push many into despair.

David Jones, who runs a butcher’s shop in Dewsbury, said Sunday that he will offer at least a Christmas dinner to the homeless who have reportedly failed to receive any government support in the run-up to the holiday.

“I can’t help with much but I can put a xmas dinner on you’re table,” said Jones in a tweet as he called on anyone having problems with the government’s new social care policy, known as the Universal Credit, to come forward and receive the help.

Hundreds of thousands of people sleep rough in Britain, the world’s fifth largest economy.

The United Nations said in a recent report that government austerity measures, which began eight years ago, had effectively left a fifth of UK population, around 14 million people,…

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