PressTV-UK aping Trump in fracking plans: Top scientist

A top scientist has accused Britain of ignoring warnings against fracking, which is extraction of oil and gas under huge pressure, saying authorities were imitating US President Donald Trump in having a deliberate disregard for scientific facts.

“So the UK joins Trump, ignores science… full throttle ahead with the worst fossil fuels,” said James Hansen in an interview published on the website of The Guardian newspaper on Saturday.

Hansen, known as the father of climate science, said the expectation was that the government of the United Kingdom heeded international calls for putting a gradual halt to the fossil fuel energies. However, he said ministers in the British government were moving ahead with plans for fracking, a method of oil production which highly damages the environment.

“The science is crystal clear, we need to phase out fossil fuels starting with the most damaging, the ‘unconventional’ fossil fuels such as tar sands…

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