PressTV-‘UK aid budget ends up is wrong hands’

Several major charity organizations have warned the UK government that its aid budget is diverted toward a series of wrong projects in countries that mostly do not need the money.

Save the Children, Oxfam, Action Aid and Christian Aid, among a group of 23 charities, wrote a letter to the UK finance minister Philip Hammond saying that British taxpayers were paying into an aid budget which was wrongly allocated by some ministers to projects with no justifiable reasons.

“We are concerned that not all UK aid is being spent effectively and efficiently and that this means that UK taxpayers are not getting maximum value for money from every pound of aid,” said the letter which was leaked to the Observer on Saturday.

Britain is supposed to spend some 0.7 percent of its GDP on foreign aid. However, many believe ministries like Department for International Development and the Foreign Office allocate the budget to projects that mostly serve the…

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