PressTV-UK adopts ‘full’ plan for no-deal Brexit

The British government has completed its contingency plans for dealing with a situation in which the country could be leaving the European Union without an agreement that could define divorce terms as well as how future relationship would work.

A spokesman of Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that the cabinet had reached a conclusion on its discussions about the no-deal Brexit.

“Cabinet agreed… we have now reached the point where we need to ramp up these preparations. This means we will now set in motion the remaining elements of our no deal plans,” said the spokesman, adding, “Cabinet also agreed to recommend businesses now also ensure they are similarly prepared, enacting their own no-deal plans as they judge necessary. Citizens should also prepare.”

The official said among the plans were allocating enough space on ferries to ensure that Britain would be able to receive medical supplies in time if the country leaves the…

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