PressTV-‘UAE-Britain spy case ridiculous, comical’

A political analyst from London says the way the United Arab Emirates handled the case of a British spy was a real farce which showed how dependent and undecided the small Persian Gulf Arab state was in dealing with its own sovereignty and security.

Massoud Shadjareh, who chairs the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, said in an interview with Press TV on Monday that Abu Dhabi’s decision earlier in the day to release Mathew Hedges, a young doctoral student convicted of espionage, was shocking considering that he had been jailed for life just a week ago.

“This is so astonishing what has taken place, (it) really is so ridiculous this whole story from the beginning of it,” said Shadjareh.

The expert said it has always been a practice for the UAE to give British intelligence services a “total open door” to go to the country and “do whatever they want.”

He said it was not clear why London had to go through a “backdoor”…

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