PressTV-Trump’s policy of ripping kids from parents ‘evil’

An American Democratic representative has attacked the administration of President Donald Trump for forcefully separating refugees’ children from their parents at the border, calling the new policy “evil.”

Congressman Ted Lieu posted a message on Twitter on Friday, saying the new policy would “shock Jesus.” 

“There are many ways to describe the Donald Trump policy of ripping children away from their parents at the border. It violates human rights laws. It is unAmerican. It would shock Jesus. But I think the most appropriate way to describe it is this: The policy is evil,” he wrote.

Later in the day, Lieu once again took to Twitter, this time making an appeal to first lady Melania about the issue, saying if she was “going to do anything about it?”

“Separating toddlers from parents is definitely not a Be Best policy,” Lieu wrote.  “No one can take your Be Best children’s agenda seriously when your husband’s policy rips…

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