PressTV-Trump’s party maintains control over US Senate

First results of the heated 2018 US midterms congressional elections are out and it is confirmed that the Senate will stay Republican, thanks to a strong campaign push by President Donald Trump.

It took the Republican Party a few hours after votes closed to reach the required 50-seats majority.

Trump was quick to brag about the victory.

The Republicans, who headed to the elections with a narrow 51-47 majority are now projected to open an even bigger gap.

So far they have won two of the 26 Democratic seats that were up for grabs.

In the State of Indiana, one of Trump’s three stops on the Election Eve, Republican challenger Mike Brawn defeated incumbent Democratic Senator John Donnelly by a healthy margin of almost 10 points (52.8 percent to 43.2 percent).

Republicans won big in North Dakota, as Kevin Cramer managed to knock seating…

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