PressTV-‘Trump’s nuke policy increases chances of nuclear war’

US President Donald Trump plans to adopt a hawkish position on the use of nuclear weapons is a dangerous policy that increases chances of nuclear conflict, says a former foreign policy analyst for Congress.

The Trump administration’s new policy of constructing more “usable” low-yield nuclear weapons increases chances of nuclear war, James Jatras told Press TV in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Jatras said it seems Trump is not making the decisions himself, but has been “misled” by “professional” military leaders to make such decisions.

He warned that such new measures escalates an arms race between the US and other major world powers, namely Russia and China, who as a result, will develop their own weapons to counter the new US arsenal.

“It is very very worrisome that we are going past the point of the kind of hair trigger we saw during the first Cold War with the Soviet Union and what is amazing is that back then people…

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