PressTV-‘Trump wants to overhaul NAFTA’

US President Donald Trump has been pondering on how to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed between the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Tuesday that the president is thinking about ways to dismantle the current trilateral structure of the deal and devise a bilateral basis to negotiate new terms with Canada and Mexico one on one, separately.

President Trump “ is very seriously contemplating kind of a shift in the NAFTA negotiations. His preference now, and he asked me to convey this, is to actually negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately,” Kudlow said in an interview with Fox News.  “He may be moving quickly towards these bilateral discussions instead of as a whole.”

Trump has repeatedly said since his campaigning days for the presidency that he would pull the US out of NAFTA which was signed by the US, Canada, and Mexico back in 1994.

He claims that…

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