PressTV-Trump to reevaluate Syria evacuation: Sen. Graham

US President Donald Trump has agreed to reevaluate his decision to immediately leave Syria, says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, noting that the 30-day evacuation plan is now in a “pause situation.”

The remarks by Graham came on Sunday after he met with Trump and General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss the president’s surprising announcement.

“After discussions with the president and Dunford, I never felt better about where we are headed. I think we’re slowing things down in a smart way,” the South Carolina Republican, who is a close ally of Trump, told reporters at the White House.

“But the goal has always been the same. To be able to leave Syria and make sure ISIS never comes back,” he added, using another acronym for Daesh.

“I think we’re in a pause situation where we are reevaluating what’s the best way to achieve the president’s objective of having people pay more and do more,” he said,…

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