PressTV-‘Trump represents a tradition of ‘xenophobic isolationism’

US President Donald Trump’s administration represents a tradition of “xenophobic isolationism” which is different from conventional GOP foreign policy, and may curb US imperialism, says a political analyst from Virginia.

“We have this isolationist tradition that is very xenophobic in the sense that we tend to view the rest of the world as somehow inferior or somehow contaminated and this idea that Americans are somehow superior, culturally or politically or economically, or whatever, that is a very deep seated tendency in American culture, at least amongst certain sectors. And Donald Trump’s administration in some ways reflects that point of view,” Keith Preston, chief editor of told Press TV on Friday.

Preston pointed that such a xenophobic view could ironically undermine American imperial power and hegemony in the world as it contradicts the expansionist policies of former presidents George Bush and Barack…

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