PressTV-‘Trump reorienting US policy to compete with China’

US President Donald Trump is reorienting American policy toward building up the domestic economy in order to compete with China, an American writer and academic says.

James Petras, a retired professor who has published on political issues with particular focus on Latin America, the Middle East and imperialism, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

“Trump has shifted US priorities from engaging in wars particularly in the Middle East, Afghanistan and perhaps elsewhere, that he is concerned about putting US federal funds in domestic programs, his immigration programs and also aware that the wars were going in the wrong direction as far as he was concerned,” Professor Petras said.

Last week, Trump declared victory against Daesh terrorists in Syria and announced to pull out American troops from the country, saying that US troops cannot stay in Syria “forever.”

Several senators on both sides of the aisle have accused…

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