PressTV-Trump proposes $18bn for Mexico wall: Report

The administration of US President Donald Trump has proposed spending $18 billion over the next 10 years to construct his controversial wall on the border with Mexico, a new report says, providing what could be a blueprint of how the president hopes to deliver on his signature campaign pledge.

The proposal brought by the US Customs and Border Protection extends the existing physical barriers by 316 miles (505 kilometers) before September 2027, increasing the total length of the wall to 970 miles (1,552 kilometers), nearly half the border, the Associated Press reported Friday, citing a US official with direct knowledge of the matter.

The plan also suggests 407 miles (651 kilometers) of replacement or secondary fencing along the border, said the official.

Trump made quite a buzz during his 2016 presidential campaign by promising to build “a big, beautiful wall” to curb illegal immigration, a pledge that went on to become a centerpiece of his…

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