PressTV-Trump ‘persecuting Venezuelans like Hitler’: Maduro

President Nicolas Maduro says US President Donald Trump is “persecuting” Venezuelans through harsh economic sanctions that have prevented the country from easing its worsening crisis.

Maduo, who once again increased minimum wage by 150 percent on Thursday, blamed Trump for what his people have been through amid an economic crisis which is said to be the worst in the modern history.

He compared Trump to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, saying “just like Hitler persecuted the Jewish people, Donald Trump persecutes the people of Venezuela.”

The latest raise by the Venezuelan president increases the monthly minimum wage from 1,800 to 4,500 bolivars, or about $50 at the official rate.

Maduro called the readjustment the first “correction factor” of the economic plan in force, saying the reforms have allowed a “significant slowdown in inflation,” but admitted it still “remains worrying.”

He said inflation is “well below the expectations of…

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