PressTV-‘Trump pardoning himself can lead to impeachment’

Any attempt by US President Donald Trump to pardon himself from any charges stemming from his alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 US presidential election can lead to his impeachment by Congress and would be a “public relations disaster,” an American writer and researcher in Washington says.

“There is speculation that if Trump attempted to pardon himself, this act could lead to impeachment proceedings; it would also likely be a public relations disaster for Trump,” Walt Peretto said during an interview with Press TV on Monday.

“If Trump was able to pardon himself and the whole issue just went away—the corporate mainstream media would suddenly be void of it’s biggest news distraction in the last year and a half. Virtually every weekday evening on stations like MSNBC — the time slots are filled to the brim with the so-called Russiagate investigation. Each days events regarding this story is scrutinized to the most minute…

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