PressTV-Trump Organization sues Saudi prince over rent

Trump Park Avenue, a skyscraper in New York City owned by US President Donald Trump, has filed a lawsuit against a Saudi prince for not paying nearly $4 million in rent.

Faisal bin Abdul Majeed al-Saud leased Penthouse 21 in 2013 and stopped paying rent in or about January 2017, according to the lawsuit, Bloomberg reported Saturday.

The 35-story building, which is owned by the Trump Organization, is located at 59th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

The tenant had agreed in June 2014 to extend the lease through June 2019, according to the complaint. Trump Park Avenue is now suing for more than $1.8 million in due rent and another $1.9 million in future rent.

The prince was supposed to pay a monthly rent of around $116,000 come July 2017, according to a lease modification agreement.

In February last year, Trump sold one of his penthouses for $15.9 million to Angela Chen, who is in charge of Global Alliance Associates LLC. Chen claims her…

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