PressTV-Trump ‘misguiding’ media about migrants: UN envoy

The United Nations (UN)’s envoy for international migration has criticized US President Donald Trump for “misguiding” the world about crowds of Central American asylum-seekers, now at the Mexico-US border.

UN envoy Louise Arbour told The Associated Press on Tuesday, “What’s happening at the southern US border is what it is — 5,000, 7,000, 10,000 people seeking entry in a country of 330 million.”

“It’s very difficult to counter a voice that occupies so much space in the media and in public opinion, even when on many aspects it’s either very misguided or expresses concerns that are disproportionate regarding the reality of it,” she said, referring to Trump and his exaggerated descriptions of the Central American refugees.

Trump has been constantly railing against the migrants, whom he recently described as “some very tough people” who needed to be dealt with forcefully.

Earlier, US border guards had fired tear gas…

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