PressTV-‘Trump has obsessive loyalty to Israel’

US President Donald Trump has obsessive loyalty to the Israeli regime and its agents in the United States are currently his administration, according to Walt Peretto, a writer and researcher based in Washington, DC.

Peretto told Press TV in an interview on Monday that most Americans believe that the United States is “a free and independent state” and do not know that the American monetary system is run by a private group of bankers, who are mostly Israeli citizens.

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that an Israeli insurance company has invested $30 million dollars in Kushner Companies, a firm partially owned by Jarad Kushner who is President Trump’s senior aide and son-in-law. Ran Markman, who is head of the Israeli company called Menora, has said “the connection to the President was not an issue.”

It was also reported by the New York Times that Kushner had teamed up with a member of a wealthy Israeli family last year, to invest…

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