PressTV-Trump has ‘black and white’ world view: UK secretary

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has censured US President Donald Trump following his announcement of a withdrawal of American troops from Syria, the country where London and Washington have been sponsoring terrorists and also claimed to be fighting them since 2011.

“President Trump makes a specialty of talking in very black and white terms about what’s happening in the world,” Hunt told BBC Radio 4 on Friday.

“We have made massive progress in the war against Daesh, but it’s not over and, although they have lost nearly all the territory they held, they still hold some territory and there is still some real risk,” he said.

“We have to continue to be vigilant,” he added.

The United States, United Kingdom, France and their regional allies such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar have been sponsoring terrorists in Syria since 2011 which has left the Arab country in ruins.

Last week, Trump declared victory against…

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