PressTV-Trump calls Germany ‘captive of Russia’ at NATO summit

US President Donald Trump has launched an extraordinary tirade against Germany for its support for one of Europe’s most contentious energy developments, calling the country “captive of Russians.”

Speaking in Brussels, Belgium, on the first leg of his European trip on Wednesday, the US president said the relationship between Germany and Russia is “inappropriate.”

He said a flurry of oil and gas deals had given Moscow far too much influence over Europe’s largest economy.

Trump particularly singled out the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project worth $11 billion which directly connects Germany with Russia.

Critics assert that the pipeline, which is to be laid under the Baltic Sea, will increase the continent’s dependence on Russian gas. Also, a number of other EU states have also expressed national security concerns.

Nevertheless, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has previously said Berlin would support the project and insisted it is a…

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