PressTV-‘Trump, Biden degrading US political establishment’

The escalating feud between US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden over Trump’s mistreatment of women is embarrassing and degrades America’s political establishment, analysts says.

While Biden and Trump are taking jabs at the other over Trump’s lewd comments about women, both men are similar when it comes to their inappropriate attitude toward women, said Myles Hoenig, who ran for the US Congress in 2016 as a Green Party candidate.

“How many photos and videos have been out there showing Joe Biden, serving as the US Vice President, groping, ogling, and kissing young women, sometimes adolescents? Many have referred to him as a sexual predator,” Hoenig told Press TV on Thursday.

Similarly, “Trump has brought the presidency to the depths of respectability. As a person he is still likely the most despised man in America, Hillary Clinton coming in a strong second,” Hoenig said.

“As a president, he will likely…

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