PressTV-Trump administration limits US oversight of police abuse

The US Department of Justice has moved to sharply limit federal authority aimed at reducing abuse and civil rights violations by police officers across the country.

The Justice Department said Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in one of his final acts before President Donald Trump ousted him, has approved an order restricting the federal government’s ability to enforce changes at state and local police agencies accused of abuse.

The department said it could investigate alleged legal violations but that “special caution” was required before resolving any disputes with states or local entities.

There are nearly 18,000 police departments in the United States, which include college campus police, sheriff departments, local police, and federal agencies.

The fatal shooting of blacks by police has sparked massive protests across the US in recent years.

US police killed 1,166 people in 2015, more than three a day, according to a study…

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