PressTV-Troop levels on US-Mexico border ‘peaked’: Pentagon

A senior Pentagon official has said that American troop levels at the US-Mexico border have essentially reached their upper limit.

The US Department of Defense has deployed about 5,900 active-duty troops to the border to repel a large group of immigrants moving through Mexico towards the US.

The troop deployment was ordered by President Donald Trump ahead of the November 6 midterm congressional elections.

In the days before the crucial election, Trump had vowed to send as many as 15,000 troops to the border. But Trump’s critics had said that his moves were only meant to influence the vote.  

We have “pretty much peaked in terms of the number of people that are down there,” Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told Pentagon reporters on Thursday.

But then he added that the number “can always be amended.”

In addition to the 5,900 active-duty forces, the US National Guard, a reserve military force, currently has 2,100 soldiers on…

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