PressTV-Touched by Churchill movie, Trump to visit his bunker

Influenced by the 2017 blockbuster movie Darkest Hour, US President Donald Trump has indicated he wants to tour the underground bunker of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in his upcoming state visit to the UK in October.

Churchill used the bunker during World War II to plan his meeting amid heavy and constant German bombardments of Britain.  

Trump even recommended the film to British Prime Minister Theresa May when they spoke on the phone in December last year.

According to The Sunday Times, plans for Trump’s visit are still in the early stages but British sources believe the bunker visit is “plausible.”

An uncertain trip

Trump’s visit to the UK has been under discussion for some time, following an invitation that was extended to Trump by May, when she visited the White House last year.

However, he reportedly canceled plans to visit Britain and to attend the opening of a new US embassy in London over fears he…

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