PressTV-Tory infighting grows over possible snap vote in UK

An ongoing row between the UK’s ruling Conservative Party about a possible snap election in November has entered a new phase, as former Tory leader William Hague warned allies of Prime Minister Theresa May against such ideas.

In an article published by the Telegraph on Tuesday, Hague said people thinking of holding a snap vote to save May and her plans to take the UK out of the European Union (EU) must be inebriated.

“If you find yourself talking, as some Tory aides were reported at the weekend as doing, of deliberately having another general election soon, you have probably had too much alcohol, or you might even need medical help,” he wrote.

“If the party were united on Brexit, it would be a brave idea; as things stand it is a nonsensical one. You can’t have an election to resolve a problem within your own party and expect anything other than a disaster,” he added.

The Times also claimed that May was planning to step down from her…

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